Śląsk Receive Millions Of Taxpayers’ Cash As Crowds Plummet

Huge sums of public cash are being ploughed into Śląsk Wrocław as the club continues to hit new lows. 

On Saturday Śląsk Wrocław played in front of Stadion Wrocław's lowest ever crowd of the season. Just 4,406 fans attended the snore-draw with bottom-of-the-table whipping boys Sandecja Nowy Sącz, which was played out in freezing temperatures.

Given that the stadium holds 42,711 spectators, 90% of the seats on Saturday were empty. It was a similar story back in December, when only 4,504 fans saw Śląsk defeat Jagellonia 1-0. 

Poor performances are the main reason for the dip in attendance, but poor public transport, extreme political chanting, acts of hooliganism and a lack of family atmosphere are also thought to be key factors.

The low crowds are likely to continue despite the eventual arrival of spring, as Śląsk will almost certainly be playing in the Ekstraklasa's 'bottom 8' group. That means there will be no high profile games against Legia, Wisła and Lech. There may not even be another derby against Lubin, as Śląsk's arch rivals are currently sitting in the top 8.

On Friday the club were granted another 5 million zł of public money on top of the 3 million they had already recieved earlier in the season. 

According to Śląsk Wrocław's club spokesman, the money will be spent on the general operations of the club as well as their youth academy. 

Wrocław City Council currently own a majority stake in the Wrocław's football team. This is a result of their decision to save the Śląsk from ruin after millionaire media mogul Zygmunt Solorz-Żak left the club high and dry in October 2013.

It is believed the city made the move in order to come to the aid of Wrocław's Municipal Stadium, which would affectively lie empty for most of the year without a top flight football club playing there.

Ever since the city took control of Śląsk Wrocław, the plan has always been to find a buyer for their shares in the club. However almost 5 years on very little progress has been made on this front, during which time the team have regressed significantly on the pitch.

Gregor Gowans

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