City Bikes Available To Rent Again

Despite the freezing temperatures, today the popular Nextbike bike rental service will once again be open to cyclists. 

At the end of 2015, Wrocław's city bike users had 74 stations and 740 bicycles at their disposal. Another 7 stations have been added since then, including 5 new locations at Orlen petrol stations.


You can see all the stations on a map here.

Since the bike rental scheme was launched in 2011, over 160,000 people have registered on the system. To date, the bicycles have been rented a total of 3.4 million times.

Prices for the service are the same as last year; the first 20 minutes are for free, then the following 40 minutes cost 2 zł. After the first hour the price then increases to 4 zł per hour.

For info on how to use the system , check out this article from the Wroclaw Uncut archives.

Gregor Gowans

The founder and editor of Wroclaw Uncut, Gregor has been running the website since its inception in 2012. A Wroclawian for almost 10 years, Gregor writes on a wide variety of topics including, food & drink, nightlife, local news and politics. He is also a regular guest on Radio Ram's Sunday lunch programme.

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