‘Power Nap’ Cafe To Open In Wrocław Next Month

In roughly a month's time, an innovative cafe designed for power naps is to open on Wrocław's market square.

Named 'Vinci Power Nap Sleep Cafe', the venue is to house several special hammocks for customers to get some kip during the day.

The people behind the new business claim that the cafe is "a response to growing fatigue and burnout in society." They claim that a 20-minute rest inside their cafe will allow people "to soothe and calm all their senses at the same time".

This is to made possible via the addition of soft grass, warm sand and air cushions (for one's sense of touch); delicate twilight, colour and special spacial arrangements (for sight); a specially composed soundtrack for our hearing, as well as special fragrances to stimulate our sense of smell.

Seeing as coffee obviously does more to hinder sleep than stimulate it, the cafe plan to promote other refreshments to satisfy people's taste-buds. This reportedly includes 'healthy drinks' and even oxygen.

The new venue should open its doors by mid-March; you can get updates on the project here via the official Facebook page.


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