Chaos As Immigration Inspectors Deal With 1,000+ Applications Each

The situation at Wrocław's Regional Office is so bad that immigration inspectors are dealing with over 1,000 applications each. 

Speaking to Radio Wrocław, Michał Śliz -Chechelski of the Legalization and Labour Department confirmed that his department has had to be fenced off at times. This, he says, is "exclusively aimed at speeding up the examination of these applications and enabling the inspectors to work."

The increasingly lengthy process of applying for residence and work permits was expected to hasten due to the recruitment of new inspectors. However the recruitment is still ongoing according to Radio Wrocław. 

It is hoped that in the second quarter of the year an information point for foreigners (where questions can be fielded without an appointment) will be open. There are also plans to have more trained inspectors working in the Regional Office around the same time.

The volume of applications is such that Michał Śliz -Chechelski confirmed there are more than 1,000 cases per inspector. This inevitably means that the time of examining the applications is longer than expected.

As a result of the sheer volume of applications being made in Wrocław, more foreigners are electing to submit their papers to public offices in Wałbrzych, Legnica or Jelenia Góra. Those that have submitted their papers in Wrocław often have to queue in the early hours of the morning just for the chance to speak to their inspector, such is the number of people waiting in line.

Gregor Gowans

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