Prominent Rosenmontag Festival Float To Come To Wrocław

One of the politically themed floats at the centre of last year's Rosenmontag carnival is to make an appearance on Wrocław's Rynek tomorrow.

Designed by Jacques Tilly, the float turned a few heads last year with its depiction of populist leaders as caterpillars biting at democracy. 













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Traditionally all of the floats at Dusseldorf's Rosenmontag Festival are burned and never seen again. However last year some Czech activists managed to save the aformentioned float from being set alite. They then took it on tour ahead of the parliamentary elections in Czechia.

Following the elections the float was passed on to some Polish activists, who are currently taking it on tour across their own country. 

The float will be on show on the Rynek tomorrow afternoon at 3pm. It will then go on a tour of Lower Silesia before moving on to the Opole area. 

The Polish activists have modified the design slightly by translating democracy into Polish and changing the names of the caterpillars.

Previously PiS chairman Jarosław Kaczyński was the only Polish name featured in the design. However now Justice Minister Zbigniew Ziobro and former Defence Minister Antoni Macierewicz have their names painted on the float's caterpillars.

According to Gazeta Wyborcza, the people traveling with the float are keen to influence the local elections this November:

"The dismantling of the rule of law in Poland has increased the awareness for the need to encourage mass participation in the upcoming local elections, as well as unity in the fight for democratic European values ​​and to maintain the constitutional order"

Obywatele RP

Opinion polls show the activists have a lot do however, with PiS regularly polling between a mammoth 42-29%.

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