MPK Legnica Apologise For ‘Intolerant’ Passenger

MPK Legnica have stressed that its services are available to all after one of its drivers was asked to remove a female passenger wearing a burka.

The incident occurred on Tuesday lunchtime on Legnica's number 11 bus. According to e-legnickie.pl, one passenger on the bus told the driver she was worried about her safety due to the presence of a woman in a burka.

The driver, who is ultimately responsible for passenger safety, reportedly stopped the vehicle and asked the woman in the burka if there were any reasons why passengers might be at risk. The woman then answered the driver in fluent Polish, stating the request for his intervention was motivated by discrimination.

The driver then went back to his seat to continue working, while both the aforementioned passengers continued on their journey for a few more stops. 

After hearing about the incident, MPK Legnica President Zdzisław Bakinowski made this statement:

"The management and staff of the Municipal Transport Company in Legnica express deep indignation and regret at the intolerance [of the passenger who made the complaint]. Acts of xenophobia, aggression and rejection are contrary to the democratic values ​​of our country and city. Public transport in Legnica is friendly to every passenger and respects all of its clients. We reject all manifestations of aggression and xenophobia that violate civil liberties.

Knowing that the inhabitants of Legnica share these beliefs, we would like to offer an apology to the lady whose personal wellbeing could have been compromised."

Gregor Gowans

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