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New Places To Check Out This February

As we move into February the turnover of restaurants in Wrocław continues at pace. 

Here's a brief list of just a few places that have opened in the last month or so:

La Famiglia











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There appears to be no end to Wrocław's hunger for Neapolitan style pizza, with yet more pizzerias opening so far this year.

One of the latest is La Famiglia, located on the eastern end of the run of pubs and restaurants under the train tracks that span Bogusławskiego and Kolejowa.

As well as serving various pizzas, La Famiglia offer Belgian beer on tap. 

Napa Restaurant










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We've been talking about the gentrification of Bogusławskiego street for some time, and in Napa Restaurant there is more evidence of this trend gathering momentum.

Dishes here cost between 20-45zł and going by the images on their social media pages, this is a venue that wants to be seen as modern, innovative and classy (despite the strange addition of American Bud in the above photo). 

Restauracja Grana Padano









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A new Italian venue located in the east of the city near Szczytnicki bridge, Restauracja Grana Padano thankfully do more than just pizza. 

In spite of its location in a relatively leafy area, the restaurant has been credited for providing decent quality food at very modest prices. A serving of carbonara will set you back under 14zł, while margherita pizza can be had for under 12zł. 

Food blog wroclawskiejedzenie.pl does state their are a few caveats in those dishes, however it is difficult to complain too much at those prices. 

Kubki Smakowe


The space at the entrance to Pasaż Pokoyhof, which was previously occupied by an ice cream parlour, has now become home to a soup and sandwich bar. 

The concept is very similar to the nearby ZZtop, with a few subtle differences. A bowl of soup costs between 8-10zł, while basic pasta dishes are also available for between 12-15zł.



Yes, it's another pizza place – this time run by the team at the legendary Kalambur Art Cafe. 

The pizza here is different though – everything is suitable for vegetarians and there are plenty of vegan options too. 

The venue is obviously for people on the move as there is no seating area (although that will come in the summer). A slice of take-away pizza here costs between 5-7zł. 

Shrimp House Wrocławczyka 37









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The long awaited second branch of seafood restaurant Shrimp House, located right in the heart of Wrocław's student district, has finally opened. 

Shrimps don't come cheap of course, and the prices at this popular venue could be a tad too high for your average student. That said, there are also plenty of offices nearby and one can expect the new Shrimp House to be just as busy as the original one on Św. Mikołaja street. 

Other places worth a mention:

All of the venues in this article were compiled with the aid of this list produced by the excellent food blog wroclawskiejedzenie.pl. The views expressed in the article are nonetheless entirely that of Wrocław's Uncut's author.

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