Forum For Cultural Integration Hosts ‘Experience India’

In order to mark India's Republic Day last Friday, Wrocław's Forum for Cultural Integration decided to organise a special Indian themed gathering.

The event, titled ''Experience India', was the first to be hosted by the city's Forum for Cultural Integration.

Created by two people, one from India and one from Poland, the organisation plans to debunk misconceptions about foreign cultures, foster harmony amongst all citizens and encourage cooperation. The Forum for Cultural Integration is entirely non-profit outfit and its organisers are keen to stress that it is not religiously or politically affiliated in any way.


The organisation intend to host a new event each month, with the aim being to shed some light on different cultures and nationalities in Wrocław.

Around 70 people attended the 1st such event, held at Bakara Community Center on Różana street last Friday. Among those present were people from Poland, India, the USA, Iraq, Ukraine and Turkey.

The whole thing kicked off with some Indian children performing Bollywood dance, which was followed by an Polish-Indian music duo who sang in five different languages, including Polish and Hindi.

A key role at 'Experience India' was also played by the English to Polish translators, who were at hand to ensure the guests could fully grasp the nature of the programme and its performances.


As well as enjoying dance and music, all those who attended the event had the chance to taste a host of Indian dishes. This was all made possible thanks to the contributions of Mango Mama restaurant, Polish catering firm Gotowanie dla Ciebie and chef Aparna Praveen Kumar; the latter of whom specialises in home cooked Indian food.

Guests also had the opportunity to experience henna art, which is a popular form of non-permanent tattoo made out of natural and herbal dye.

Last but not least, the concept behind the celebration of India's Republic day was explained through an interactive quiz about the country. To the surprise of a few Indians present, numerous Wrocławians showed excellent knowledge of the quiz's main subject.

As we mentioned earlier, the Forum for Cultural Integration plan to host further events with many more different demographics and cultures living in Wrocław.

For info on those events, or to propose one yourself, you can get in touch with the organisers via their Facebook page.

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