Clothing Chain Plan ‘Showrooms’ To Dodge Sunday Trading Ban

The President of the 'Top Secret' clothing chain has said he is exploring the possibility of running his company's stores as 'showrooms' in order to bypass the imminent Sunday trading ban.

In an interview with propertynews.pl, Top Secret boss Grzegorz Lipnicki claimed that the law does not prevent large shops and supermarkets from opening, only from trading. Therefore he believes that shops could operate as 'showrooms' on Sundays to get around the new legislation. 

The Sunday trading ban does also outlaw "trade related activities", however onet.pl report that this section of the legislation is rather vague and unspecified. 

Internet purchases can still be made on Sundays, and in the eyes of Lipnicki, stores such as Top Secret could allow customers to browse in their store and then purchase online. The shop's staff would be on hand to advise the customers how to buy the products on the internet, either via a website or app. Customers would also presumably be able to buy items online and then pick them up in the store. Using this method, no transactions would be made at the till.

According to onet.pl, the President of furniture chain VOX is considering a similar move. He is quoted as saying on radio station TOK FM that "the law will not prohibit us from presenting our offer". 

If Top Secret do decide to go along with their plan, it will be good news for the part time staff in their Wrocław stores. A number of students have part time positions in Top Secret's Magnolia and Sky Tower branches, jobs that Wrocław Uncut understands are threatened by the trading ban.

Even if 'showroom' shopping does take off, the Polish Government could seek to amend the law in order to block Lipnicki's plan. In the last few months it had been suggested the Wroclavia centre's shops would be able to open due to the bus station being in the same building. However the trading ban legislation was amended in order to prevent shops in malls like Wroclavia from remaining open on Sundays. Amendments were also made to the law to stop supermarkets with bakeries opening on Sunday.

Lipnicki's plan is likely to infuriate the Solidarność trade union, who have lobbied strongly for the enforcement of the Sunday trading ban alongside the Polish Catholic Church. Solidarność boss Piotr Duda has already taken aim at Biedronka for their plan to bring in staff for nightshifts on Monday at 00.15. He is also unimpressed by the fact that Orlen plan to woo Sunday shoppers by offering a much wider variety of products in their petrol station shops (which are exempt from the ban).

Gregor Gowans

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