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Film Produced In Wrocław Nominated For Oscar

Loving Vincent, which was produced in Wrocław's Centre of Audiovisual Technologies, has been nominated for an Oscar. 

The movie has been nominated in the animated film category alongside family films Boss Baby, Coco and Ferdinand

Described as the first ever 'full-length painted animation film', Loving Vincent illustrates the story of Vincent Van Gogh using a special technique that mirrors the legendary Dutch artist's painting style. 

According to Loving Vincent producer Hugh Welchman, over 100 painters (including many from Wrocław) helped to animate the portraits and landscapes used in the film. This was all made possible thanks to the unique PAWS (Painting Animation Work Station) technology, which combines traditional painting with animation. Approximately 65,000 frames of oil paintings on canvas were required to make the film. 

While parts of Loving Vincent were made in both Gdansk and London, it was Wrocław's Centre of Audiovisual Technologies (CeTA) that played a pivotal role in putting the film together. 

Loving Vincent has so far managed to gross $20 million worldwide at the box office, including $6 million in the USA. The film, which has a 7.9 rating on Imdb, has also received plenty of 4 star reviews from established film critics, such as Wendy Ide of the Guardian.  



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