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Grabiszyński Park Tree Felling Sparks Protests

Residents living in the area of Grabiszyn have protested over the hundreds of trees that are being cut down in their local park.

Gazeta Wrocławska reports that 303 trees have already been felled, with a further 211 to follow. 

Representatives of the inhabitants who live near the park stress that the trees are the habitat of numerous protected species of birds.

The city have nonetheless defended their actions, stating that they are only removing dead trees. They claim that the trees that are being felled are dead and dry due to a lack of rainfall in recent years.

Almost all of the trees are either Spruce or birch, which have a shallow root system that requires more water. Some of the trees have also been infected by various insects, including the infamous 'dark-beetle' at the centre of the argument over the tree felling in Białowieża Forest. 

According Gazeta Wyborcza, city officials have promised that new trees will be planted to replace those that have been felled. However, this will only happen after the proposals for the renovation of the park have been decided on. 

Local councillor Małgorzata Subzda said that the biggest gripe the residents have is the lack of information, as the city had not put out a statement or announcement as to why they needed to cut down the trees.

Gregor Gowans

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