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Wrocław Students Unveil ‘Bistrobot’ Vending Machine

Students from the Wrocław University of Technology have showed off their fully operational hot meal vending machine, named the 'Bistrobot'.

The machine, which is said to be the only one of its kind, can be found in the D-1 building of the Wrocław University of Technology (pl. Grunwaldzki 13).

Wojciech Jopek, the Bistrobot project coordinator, proudly told wroclaw.pl last week that "the technology used here [in the vending machine] will revolutionize our approach to nutrition and prove that food from a vending machine can be good, healthy and fresh."

Łukasz Doleczek, who is in charge of the Bistrobot's PR and Marketing, even suggests that the machine is "intended for people who want to eat wholesome and healthy meals".

Those claims do sound rather bold, so how does the machine actually work?

Basically the food is frozen inside the vending machine, which has room for 200 meals. A customer then simply selects their meal of choice using a touch screen, pays by card or phone, and then waits a few minutes for the meal to be cooked in the Bistrobot's microwave.

The Bistrobot offers the following six meal choices: syczuańsku beef, pierogi ruskie, meat pierogi, spring rolls, lasagna and burrito. The price of each dish varies from 10 to 18zł.

If the prototype Bistrobot ends up being a hit, more of the machines will be manufactured for use in other buildings in the University of Technology. Ultimately, the Bistrobot team aim to lease their hot meal vending machine to commercial partners.

Gregor Gowans

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