Jatomi Fitness Runs Out Of Breath

It's game over for Jatomi Fitness, one of Poland's largest gym chains. The company's three gyms in Wrocław will either change hands or close within the next few months.

Trevor Brennan, the CEO of Jatomi Fitness Group, is quoted on the Business Insider website as saying "the company is selling its assets and the business in Poland is in a state of liquidation."

Brennan also added that "The business model created nine years ago no longer applies to today's consumer. The competition for people's wallets and the high costs associated with the leases mean the company continues to operate at a loss." 

Jatomi currently run three gyms in Wrocław in the Renoma, Magnolia and Pasaż Grunwaldzki shopping centres. Since the firm started trading ten years ago, they have opened 37 gyms across Poland. 

According to Radio Eska, numerous business analysts believe that Jatomi's collapse is down to a number of miscalculations. The start-up costs required to build the gyms and promote the company were much higher than anticipated. A case in point here is their opening of the gym in Warsaw's Blue City shopping centre, which reportedly cost 8 million zł.

Similar miscalculations were also made when it came to cost of renting the premises of their gyms. At the same time, the company increasingly lost market share due to their rivals offering much more competitive prices.

At the time of writing we are yet to see any official communication regarding possible refunds for Jatomi customers who have paid for long-term subscriptions up-front. Given that the company is being liquidated, it may be difficult for customers to get their money back. Once further details become clear, we will update our readers via our Facebook page.

Gregor Gowans

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