Safety Lapses Led To Lebanese Man’s Fatal Paraglider Accident

Last summer a Lebanese man tragically died in a paraglider accident just outside Wrocław. The prosecutor's report has now found that the man was not properly fastened when the paraglider took off. 

The horrific accident happened last June in Borowa, a village located roughly 16km north east of Korona Shopping Centre.

According Gazeta Wrocławska, the investigation into the accident found that something had gone wrong from the moment the Lebanese man got on the paraglider. 

It is stated that the paraglider initially failed to take off due to the man's seating position being inadequate.

At the second attempt, the paraglider did take off – however the passenger is said to have been sitting "in an upright position". The prosecutor's report also states that there were communication problems due to the lack of Polish and English of the Lebanese man and the paraglider pilot respectively.

After two minutes of flight, the Lebanese man reportedly began to shout before falling to the ground. It was later found that the upper part of his harness was not properly fastened.

According to the prosecution, the paraglider pilot is obliged to check whether the passenger is securely fastened. The prosecution also believe the pilot was not sitting appropriately, which caused him to push the passenger forward with his feet.

The pilot, named as Krzysztof. Z in the media, was also operating without having the necessary rubber-stamped medical certificates. He has admitted to being guilty of the charges placed against him. 

The prosecution believe the organiser of the paragliding is guilty of negligence too. He is said to have failed in his duty to check the the belts were correctly fastened before the paraglider took off. He was also responsible for ensuring proper communication between the pilot and the passenger. 

Michał Z has nonetheless denied the charges placed against him, stating that he was not responsible as he was not actually the organiser. 

Gregor Gowans

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