Police To Question 3 Men Over Alleged Attack On Indian Man

Tuwroclaw.com reports that a scuffle broke out nearby Galeria Dominikanska yesterday after an Indian man was attacked by three Polish men. 

According to the witness report on tuwroclaw.com, three Polish men set upon an Indian man and threatened to throw him over the tram stop barriers and into the tunnel under Pl. Dominikański.

The female witness claims there were several people at the bus stop, but only one man stood in the defense of the Indian man. A fight then broke out, with the Pole who stood up to the attackers reportedly ending up in hospital.

The incident happened at approximately 8.20pm yesterday evening, at the tram stop that runs parallel to the entrance of the Pl.Dominikański tunnel.

Łukasz Dutkowiak of Wrocław Police has confirmed that "a quarrel" took place between "three men and a dark-skinned foreigner, as well as a Polish citizen who stood up in defense of the foreigner."

Dutkowiak explains that the police drove to the scene immediately after hearing reports of the incident. The police who arrived at the scene found the three men accused of starting the fight were all heavily drunk. The men were then promptly taken to the city's drunk tank.

When the men leave the alcohol rehabilitation centre they will be questioned by the police about the incident. After speaking to the men and gathering evidence from witnesses, Dutkowiak says the police should then be able confirm whether the attack was racially motivated or not.

On Facebook yesterday Wrocław President Rafał Dutkiewicz expressed his condemnation of the attack as well as his support for the Pole who had defended the Indian man.  

"I strongly condemn this act." Human dignity is inviolable. We Poles are also foreigners outside our country and we expect that we will be treated with respect everywhere.The behavior of the three racists on Saturday is worthy of condemnation and is punishable by the court.

I want to express my respect for the witness's attitude at the same time. Bravo for his courage! "

Rafał Dutkiewicz, President of Wrocław

According to Gazeta Wyborcza, the maximun sentence for the man who instigated the attack, known as Wojciech K, is 5 years imprisonment. The same newspapers states the other aggressors could potentially be behind bars for us much as 3 years.


Gregor Gowans

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