Shakhtar Donetsk Quash Stadion Wrocław Rumours

A report earlier this week claimed a Polish company was attempting to bring Shakhtar Donetsk's Champions League games to Wrocław. However Shakhtar Donetsk have said no such discussions ever took place. 

As Champions League fans may already know, Shakhtar have played their matches outwith of Donetsk due to safety fears sparked by the instability in the region.

In years gone Shakhtar have played in Lviv, and this season they have organised their games in Kharkiv. However tuwroclaw.com claim that the Ukrainian champions are unhappy with the set up in Kharkiv and are exploring other options. 

Adam Pawlukiewicz of Polish sports agency Pentagon Research was quoted as saying that the large Ukrainian population in lower Silesia, as well as Stadion Wrocław's proximity to the airport, make Wrocław an attractive proposition for Shakhtar.

However yesterday Gazeta Wyborcza reported that Shakhtar media rep Andrey Burlakov had informed them via email that the rumours were intrue:

"The information that Shakhtar plans to play matches at the stadium in Wroclaw is untrue. Shakhtar does not intend to change its home stadium in Kharkiv, for any other."

Andrey Burlakov, PR represenative at Shakhtar Donetsk. 

Stadion Wrocław's Piotr Nowicki also shot down the rumours, stating "Nobody has had any conversations with Shakhtar Donetsk about the matches in our stadium". 

Given the comments from both Shakhtar and Stadion Wrocław, it was likely the rumours were the result of a cheap PR stunt by the Pentagon Research sports agency, who had claimed to be brokering the deal. 

Gregor Gowans

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