Album Review: Vertigo Jazz One

This week I've had the pleasure of reviewing Vertigo Jazz one, the debut offering from Wrocław's very own jazz record label V Records.

We know that Jazz is a very broad genre of music with a history of experimentation and progressive creativity. For both players and listeners, Jazz is a flow of energy that you need to feel and tune into to fully appreciate. It expresses ideas, emotions and thoughts often without words.

If that's the way you see things, then V Records' Vertigo Jazz One should be right up your street. The album boasts a diverse line-up of modern Jazz musicians from Poland playing at the highest level with a ‘groove’ on the move.

As a first offering from V records, this is a masterfully compiled album guaranteed to delight the listener with its many moods, brilliant arrangements and power. Although Jazz is the central theme, dozens of sub-genre elements can be heard throughout the album including fusion, trip-hop, modern, electro-jazz, acoustic jazz, tango,the spoken word and honestly so many others it would be too exhausting to list in one review.

Gently embrace yourself for the John Schofield-esque guitar licks of fusion master, Ted Nowak, the commanding trumpet of Tadek Kulas, the sombre, melancholy solo piano of Kuba Stankiewicz, the hard bop of Yarosh trio, the gypsy-Jazz guitar of Krzysztof Pełech, the deep, growling sax of Karasiewicz Power Set and the funky keys of Piotr Rachoń plus all the many other talented people who contributed.

What is unique about this collection of music is the consistency of musicianship, the range of styles and the strange way it always seems to bring a smile to your face. Personally, this is the best Jazz compilation I have heard for years.

So, whether you are a fan of Jazz or not, this is something everyone can make a connection with and enjoy.

Terry Clark-Ward

Terry has lived in Wroclaw since 2000 and has written and contributed to many published books as well as being the host and creator of Radio RAM’s English language show ‘Sunday Lunch’. He also works as a voice over artist and Television presenter of ‘5 o’ Clark’ on national TV channel ‘ATM Rozrywka’. His real passion, however, is writing for Wroclawuncut!

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