Wrocław’s New Baseball Complex Trashed By Vandals

A new baseball complex that was completed just over 2 weeks ago has already been trashed by a group of mindless vandals. 

Following 15 years of attempts to attract funding for a new ball park, the Wrocław Barons Baseball Club have finally been able to make their dreams a reality thanks to the 12,000 votes they recieved for the project in an edition of Wrocław's civil budget programme.

The newly completed complex is equipped with 2 batting cages and 2 bullpens on each side, as well as an electronical score board. In 2018 a softball field will be added, together with floodlights for night matches.


However yesterday the baseball club were sickened to find that their new 1 million zł facility had already been trashed by vandals. Now they are faced with the task of repairing what they had worked so hard to construct in the first place.

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Photos published on the Barons' Facebook Page show how a group of people had used the baseball field as a drinking den and then failed to tidy up. Two of the players boxes were littered with empty cartons, cans and bottles, as well as broken glass. 

The vandals also used pens to write pointless graffiti on some of the surfaces at the complex, as well on parts of the nearby childrens playground. 

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In addition, someone took their dog into the baseball field and allowed it to defacate on the home base. 


Items were stolen from the new complex too; thieves managed to make off with implements from the field's drainage system.


On top of that, part of a fence was cut off, while it appears that someone tried to smash up a gate. The hole in the fence also allowed wild boar to enter the field, which resulted in damage to the turf. 

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Last but not least, part of the turf was burned in by a fire that was presumably intended to keep the open-air party revellers warm.


Given the scale of the damage after less than a month, the Wrocław Barons are understandably worried about what condition their new field will be in come the start of the 2018 season in the spring.

In a post on their Facebook page, the Wrocław Barons say that they do not have the resources to monitor the area 24/7. They also pleaded with the police to monitor the area at night and asked city President Rafał Dutkiewicz "to help before it's too late". 

Gregor Gowans

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