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Christmas Market Rip-off: 112zł for 2 Shashlik With Bread

A photo published on wyklop.pl yesterday shows the scale to which some customers at Wrocław's Christmas Market are being ripped off. The image contains a receipt totaling an incredible 112zł for just 2 shashlik skewers together with ketchup, mustard and bread. 

The price on the receipt is so incredibly high that it looks like another fake news hoax – only it most definitely isn't. 

Eagle-eyed readers may see the company on the receipt are based in Poznan, however they do operate one of the stalls at the Christmas Market and the price printed is genuine.

According to the receipt, the two shashlik skewers cost 86zł, the side order of bread 20zł and the dollops of condiments 1.50zł each. For the same price two people could have comfortably had a two course meal with a drink at a decent restaurant in Wrocław. 

Naturally, if the prices were listed as they are above, few people would be tempted to order. The stall gets around that problem by advertising the price of the dishes by weight, with 100g of Shashlik costing 11zł. The same scam has been used at stalls in Prague's market square for years, as shown in the video below. 

Yesterday Gazeta Wyborcza located the stall and asked them about the prices.

The people operating the stall openly admitted to their pricing structure, which they say is in place due to the high rental costs the Christmas Market organisers charge. They also stated that they never force or push anyone to purchase the food if they take issue with the price. If someone balks at the cost, they can simply hand the food back without consuming it.

Gregor Gowans

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