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Egg Cafe: Great Breakfast And Chilled-out Vibes

One of the latest hip-venues in Nadodrze, Egg Cafe is an Australian inspired breakfast venue that's made a positive impression since opening in late summer.

Having never had the pleasure of going down-under for a holiday, I am not able to properly judge Egg Cafe's Australian credentials. It is nonetheless easy to say that this is one place worthy of checking out – especially for a lazy Sunday breakfast, brunch or lunch. 


Egg cafe's small but cozy interior does its best to create an airy feel about it thanks to the use of white and aqua-blue colours, while the photos of Australia on the wall emphasise the cafe's inspiration for being. There are selection of books to get stuck into too, something that is rather easy to do when twinned with a hot drink and a comfy seat. 

The staff at Egg Cafe are friendly, approachable and attentive, while the music is aptly laid-back. All of these things contribute to the appeal of the place, as does the food. 

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Having already had breakfast before our visit to Egg Cafe, we opted for a couple of the sandwich options: one with breaded chicken and another with roast-beef. In both cases the ingredients, composition and taste were all spot on.

Egg Cafe's specialty is nonetheless its breakfasts, which unsurprisingly contain a lot of eggs. Eggs benedict, Mexican baked eggs and boiled egg with smashed avocado toast, all of which look scrumptious on Egg Cafe's Facebook page, are just some of the options available.


On the face of it, Egg Cafe is a friendly, vibrant and enthusiastic breakfast venue that's more than worthy of its place among Nadodrze's expanding culinary scene. While not having the same selection as breakfast king Dinette, Egg Cafe has a much more intimate and local feel by comparison. So for those who value atmosphere, this is one place well worthy of investigating. 

Egg Cafe, ul. Jednosci Narodowej 62/1A

Phone: 573 292 187 Website

Gregor Gowans

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