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Etno Cafe To Take Over Bar Barbara

Wrocław based coffee brand and cafe chain Etno Cafe are to take over the bistro located inside Bar Barbara, the city's cultural infopoint.

Named after the iconic bar that stood in its place during the communist era, Bar Barbara has been a popular spot for artists, creatives and tourists since it opened in June 2015. The quiet bistro at Bar Barbara is also frequented by people keen to do a bit of co-working, remote working or even conduct a private language lesson.

The company who had been operating the bistro decided not to renew their contract, prompting Bar Barbara to seek a new partner. 

Krzysztof Maj, the general director of the Wrocław 2016 Office, says that Etno Cafe was chosen due to the fact they are a local firm selling products made in Wrocław. 

"In Barbara, from the very beginning we focused on Polish brands, items and products, all of which became a real showcase during our time as the European Capital of Culture. December will be a month of change and preparation, with new challenges for us. We are very happy that at this moment that we can start cooperation with a reliable partner."

Krzysztof Maj, the general director of the Wrocław 2016 Office

As part of the change, Bar Barbara will be re-branded Etno Cafe Barbara. The new bistro will also sell a communist-era delicacy that was synonymous with the original Bar Barbara – 'krem sułtański'. The classic PRL dessert contains cream, meringues, raisins, sugar, rum and cocoa powder. 

For those unfamiliar with Etno Cafe, the company definitely appears to be one of Wrocław's business success stories in recent years. Having started selling coffee in various markets and shops, Etno Cafe made the bold move to open their first cafe inside the kiosk on Świdnicka street, despite the high rental cost.

Since then, the company has grown rapidly – so much so that Etno Cafe Barbara will be their 6th cafe in Wrocław alone. The company also have cafes in several other Polish cities throughout the country. 

The official date for the opening of the new cafe will be given in due course according to the press release sent to us by Wrocław 2016. 



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