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New MPK Ticket Machines On The Way

Photos of MPK's new on-board ticket machines were released by Wrocław City Council last weekend. The machines will work with the new system that is set to start in the spring. 

The machines, which are much sleaker and slimmer than their predecessors, will start appearing in trams and buses next month. However the system will not be fully online until March, so passengers should continue to use the current machines and validors until this point. 

The upgrade will work with the city's new system of public transport. The new system boasts more ticket machines at stops, cards that can be topped up with different tickets, as well as more service offices. On top of that, it will also be easier to purchase tickets using mobile phones. This is all thanks to the utilisation of NFC technology.

When the new system is active the price of a standard public transport ticket will increase to 3.40zl. The cost of night-bus and express-bus tickets will also go up to 3.60zł

Urbancard holders will nonetheless be glad to know that there is no planned increase in the price of long term tickets. They do not need to change their cards either (although they may do so if they wish). 

An increased choice of tickets is another bonus; 6 month (425zł) and 12th month (800zł) tickets are to be made available as part of the changes. 



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