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Win A Tapas Dinner For 4 At Ovo Bar & Restaurant!

OVO Bar & Restaurant have launched a contemporary menu of international tapas dishes, and we're giving a group of 4 people the chance to enjoy it for free!

While tapas are of course Spanish in origin, OVO Bar & Restaurant have expanded the concept to produce a selection of vibrant, rich and colourful dishes that embrace a variety of cuisnes.

The tapas menu features a number of innovative state-of-the-art tapas dishes, including mint-flavoured BBQ sauce, bone marrow and Brie cheese toast, as well as octopus with thymus. 

To enter our competition, simply tag the three people you'd like to dine with – using the Facebook comments box regarding this article on the Wrocław Uncut Facebook page.

All entries submitted before 11.59pm on Sunday the 26th of November will have their names added to a prize draw, which is to take place the following day.

The name of the person lucky enough to be drawn out of the hat will then be revealed on our social media pages and contacted by private message.

To find out more about OVO Bar & Restaurant's tapas menu, which contains dishes starting at 9zł, check out the restaurant's official press release below: 

Surprising flavours of winter. OVO Bar & Restaurant’s new Tapas Menu

Pulled lamb served with a mint-flavoured BBQ sauce, bone marrow and Brie cheese toast, or perhaps octopus with thymus? The new winter tapas menu of Wrocław’s OVO Bar & Restaurant has already arrived! The chef’s recommendations are certain to surprise gourmets of Wrocław.

In Spain, tapas mean a genuine ritual. Currently, the culinary tradition is becoming exceptionally popular in Wrocław thanks to OVO Bar&Restaurant.

It accounts for as much as half the total number of our guests’ orders – says Piotr Apanel, the chef of OVO Bar & Restaurant at the DoubleTree by Hilton Wroclaw hotel. – You may try different tastes without having to choose only a single dish. Besides, you may share them with your friends; and they’re really economical – three or four tapas cost the same as what you’d spend on the main course. We modify particular ingredients depending on the season, i.e. what seasonal produce we can get from our suppliers. Now we’re offering a new winter menu to our guests – he adds.

DBTH_Tapas_2017.11.08_HiRes-18 DBTH_Tapas_2017.11.08_HiRes-52

Prices of tapas at OVO Bar&Restaurant start with 9 PLN – you can follow special offers on the fan page.

An unknown facet of well-known ingredients

OVO Bar & Restaurant’s winter tapas menu combines traditional features of Polish cuisine with interesting extra ingredients.

On the one hand, we’re trying to offer new flavours to our guests – ones they won’t find anywhere else, On the other hand, we would like them to come across ingredients which are seemingly well-known but used in an unusual way.

On the menu, there are dishes including pulled lamb served with a mint-flavoured BBQ sauce, sulphur tuft jam, and marinated pearl barley. There is also intriguing toast with bone marrow and Brie cheese with walnuts and mushroom duxelle. Another curious item is octopus with thymus, tomato ragout, almond foam, and pork fat. Also worth a mention is feta cheese ice cream served with sweet and sour pumpkin, roasted cheese, and white pesto.

DBTH_Tapas_2017.11.08_HiRes-30 DBTH_Tapas_2017.11.08_HiRes-36

A balance of taste that comes from Asia

OVO Bar & Restaurant’s winter tapas menu is clearly inspired by Asian culinary culture. Guests can enjoy combinations such as sake with cream, kaya toast and plum, or black laksa ramen with herring and horseradish. Piotr Apanel believes that the Asian ingredients enrich the tapas’ flavours.

– It stems from the fact that Japanese cuisine pursues the umami taste, i.e. a complement and unique balance between the salty, the sweet, the bitter, and the sour. We use this knowledge while seeking exceptional tastes on our own with the help of our local suppliers – explains Piotr Apanel.

Guests of OVO Bar & Restaurant, as is the case with any other restaurant being part of the global Hilton chain, may also enjoy traditional dishes such as a burger, club sandwich, or a Caesar salad.

Our dishes are a journey across flavours of the world and an attempt go beyond the typical restaurant offering – says Piotr Apanel. – This is why we’re receiving very positive feedback – he adds.

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