Vozilla Seek Law Change For New Car Rental Systems

Electric-car rental firm Vozilla have responded to claims its users could be fined by the police for not having their vehicle's original registration documents in the car.

In a statement sent out to the media on Friday, Vozilla stated that they simply must keep the original vehicle registrations in their offices to prevent the documents from damage or theft. They claim that in the first two days of the service's operation, copies of the vehicle registration were lost on two occasions.

Vozilla's statement also stressed that the authorities can check all the necessary documentation electronically, and that the original document can even be transported to the scene if required. 

Even without a copy of the document, the inspection body is able to check the CEPIK computer system for any information necessary to determine whether the vehicle has been registered.

At the same time, BOK's work procedures provide for the possibility of delivering the original document to the inspection site, and in the event of a traffic accident it is even an obligation.

Robert Oporski,  Enigma (the company who run Vozilla)

However, despite stating that the authorities have the legal means to check all the registration documents, Vozilla have also felt the need to call for the modernisation of the law to suit new car rental systems such as their own.

We believe that the provisions of the Code of Misdemeanors that were passed almost 50 years ago require a re-interpretation in order to keep up with technological advances and changes related to today's innovative transport solutions. 

Robert Oporski,  Enigma (the company who run Vozilla)

The news regarding the possibility of fines has nonetheless failed to harm Vozilla, nor their competitors Traficar (who do include the original docs in their cars). According to tuwroclaw.com, both companies are looking into the possibility of increasing their fleet in Wrocław. 

Gregor Gowans

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