Wrocłavia Centre Could Dodge Sunday Trading Ban

One of Wrocław's biggest shopping centres could potentially dodge the Polish Government's proposed Sunday trading ban.

As we wrote earlier this year, members of the Polish Government have indicated that they are near to introducing a law that would force shopping centres and large stores to close every 2nd Sunday. 

Members of the Polish Catholic Church, together with the Solidarność trade union, have been lobbying the Polish Government to ban Sunday trading for some time now. They have a noticeable amount of support too – last year over a million people signed a petition calling for an end to Sunday trading.

However some economists believe it could result in job losses, while the the proposals have not gone down too well with a significant amount of shoppers. 

The proposed Sunday trading ban does have some exceptions however, one of which could potentially represent a huge stroke of luck for Wrocław's new Wroclavia shopping centre. 

According to reports in the Polish media, one exception regards shops located in the same building as train stations, bus stations and airports. This would theoretically allow the Biedronka at Wrocław's main train station to stay open. Given that the Wroclavia centre also has a bus station on its 2nd underground floor, there could be a legal means for them to stay open every Sunday too. 

According to Gazeta Wrocławska, some PiS politicians working on law are aware that shopping centres next to train and bus stations could try to use the aforementioned loophole.

However, the fact that Wrocław's bus station is actually inside the Wroclavia centre means that the Sunday trading ban will have to be worded very carefully for it to work as intended. If it is not, the new shopping centre may be tempted to allow Sunday trading on their premises.

When quizzed by Gazeta Wrocławska on the rumoured loophole in the Sunday Trading ban, Wroclavia's Anna Kula refused to comment on the speculation. Instead she re-iterated the shopping centre's opposition to the ban on the basis that it is unconstitutional and will harm job prospects.

Gregor Gowans

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