Emergency Services Called To Halloween Prank Scene

Last night in Wałbrzych, a city 75km south-west of Wrocław, the emergency services were called to the scene of a halloween prank after a dummy was mistaken for a real body.

According to reports in Gazeta Wyborcza, the police, fire brigade and ambulance all rushed to Wieniawskiego street at 9pm. Having received reports of someone hanging themselves from a bridge, they sped to the scene fearing the worst.

It wasn't until the emergency services were close to the scene that they learned it was merely a dummy hanging from the bridge. Given the bad light and apparent realism of the dummy, numerous people in the area were understandably taken in by the stunt.

As a result of the prank, all lanes on the road were blocked while the emergency services carried out their work. 

As well as wasting the time of the the police, fire brigade and ambulance, the halloween prank has been condemned for its potential to startle drivers and thereby cause accidents.


Gregor Gowans

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