Shop Closure Dates For When Poland’s Trading Ban Kicks In

UPDATE – please read this article for all the latest dates and info.

As we reported last month, the Polish Government have indicated their willingness to introduce a law forcing shopping centres and large stores to close every 2nd Sunday. 

Members of the Polish Catholic Church, together with the Solidarność trade union, have been lobbying the Polish Government to ban Sunday trading for some time now. They have a noticeable amount of support too – last year over a million people signed a petition calling for an end to Sunday trading.

However some economists believe it could result in job losses, while the the proposals have not gone down too well with a significant amount of shoppers

If the plans are successfully voted through Parliament in the coming weeks, it is thought that the Sunday trading ban will apply to the 1st, 3rd and 5th Sunday of every month. Assuming that this turns out to be the case, Gazeta Wrocławska have prepared a list of dates that shops will be closed next year. 

If the fortnightly Sunday trading ban does become a reality, shopping centres and large stores will be closed 4 times next April as well as 5 times next May and December. 

Here is the list of predicted days that the trading ban will be in effect: 


  • January 1st – New Year's Day
  • January 6th – 3 Kings Day
  • January 7th – Sunday trade ban


  • February 4th – Sunday trade ban
  • February 18th – Sunday trade ban


  • March 4th – Sunday trade ban
  • March 18th – Sunday trade ban
  • March 31 – shops closed at 2pm for Good Friday


  • April 1st, Easter Sunday
  • April 2nd, Easter Monday
  • April 15th, Sunday trade ban
  • April 29th, Sunday trade ban


  • May 1st, Labour Day
  • May 3rd, Constitution Day
  • May 6th, Sunday trade ban
  • May 20th Sunday trade ban
  • May 30th, Corpus Christi


  • June 3rd, Sunday trade ban
  • June 17th, Sunday trade ban


  • July 1st, Sunday trade ban
  • July 15th, Sunday trade ban
  • July 29th, Sunday trade ban


  • August 1st, Sunday trade ban
  • August 15th, Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary
  • August 19th, Sunday trade ban


  • September 2nd, Sunday trade ban
  • September 16th, Sunday trade ban


  • October 7th, Sunday trade ban
  • October 21st, Sunday trade ban


  • November 1st, All Saints Day
  • November 4th, Sunday trade ban
  • November 11th, Independence Day
  • November 18th, Sunday trade ban


  • December 2nd, Sunday trade ban
  • December 16th, Sunday trade ban
  • December 24th, shops closed at 2pm for Christmas Eve
  • December 25th, Christmas Day
  • December 26th, 2nd Day of Christmas
  • December 30th, Sunday trade ban

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