PolRegio Offer 1zł Train Tickets For Rosary Prayer Participants

Wrocławians looking to take part in tomorrow's 'Różaniec Do Granic' can take advantage of 1zł return tickets thanks to PolRegio. 

The mass rosary, which is to take place at selected airports as well as churches nearby Poland's borders, is being organised in order to "pray for Poland's salvation" and commemorate Europe's victory over "Islamisation".

Huge numbers are expected to take part in the religous event, which is financially supported by a number of tax-payer funded companies and organisations.

State owned train company PolRegio are also lending their hand by offering 1zł return tickets to anyone travelling from Wrocław to Bardo Śląskie, where a participating church is located. The special tickets are valid on trains departing Wrocław tomorrow between 6-11am and leaving Bardo Śląskie between 3-6pm. 

The idea for the mass rosary was born in the summer, when organiser Maciej Bodasiński told pch24.pl "The aim is to surround Poland with prayer…for Poland and the whole world." He added "Europe prayed before the Battle of Lepanto, when the Christian flotilla stopped the Turks."

In the same interview Bodasiński also spoke of the need for Poland to turn to Catholicism as way of defending against "Islamisation and the Islamic terrorist attacks, and the increasingly visible departure of the West from its Christian roots."

More recently, Maciej Bodasiński was quoted as saying "recent events in the country have made it even clearer that we need the help of the Creator, who is the only true guarantor of love, unity and peace." He has also reportedly spoken of threats from Europe and Russia.

The Great Prayer is scheduled for 07.10.2017 , on the day of the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary (and the date after the great battle of Lepanto, when the Christian soldiers over came Muslim soldiers, saving Europe from Islamisation). 

On this day we will go to the borders of Poland and we will pray the rosary. Through this unprecedented prayer of the Rosary, we want to show the faithfulness and obedience of Mary, who tirelessly calls for us to recite the Rosary. We also want to apologize and pay for all blasphemy and insults against the Immaculate Heart of Mary. We wish to pray for the Mother of God to save Poland and the world. 


According to Gazeta Wyborcza, some 6,500 people took part in the mass rosaries organised by the Czech border in Lower Silesia (the figure was taken from church registrations, although the organisers would claim has been understated). 

The same newspaper also claim that rosary participants on a coach from Wrocław expressed their belief that it was "god's protective umbrella" that kept the sun shining during the prayer at 2pm. During the return trip, when a rainbow inevitably emerged in the sky after the rainclouds had been replaced by sunshine, a local vicar then reportedly proclaimed "Our prayers have been answered!"

Elsewhere in Poland, rosary prayer took place at 3 major airports – Warsaw Chopin, Katowice and Poznan. The most dramatic pictures of the event where nonetheless reserved for the Baltic coast, where thousands amassed on the beaches to pray with their backs to the sea. 


Gregor Gowans

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