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Oktoberfest Comes To Wrocław

The Oktoberfest might not be a Polish tradition, but Wrocław needs no excuse to organise its own autumn beer festivals. Indeed, two such events are taking place this weekend. 

As you may have seen on our events page, last week Paulaner organised their own Oktoberfest in Wrocław. This weekend there are a further two to choose from. 

Those who like the traditional Oktoberfest vibe can head to Alyki Restaurant in Sky Tower on Saturday at 7pm, where diners and drinkers can douse on Paulaner wheat beer and enjoy a variety of Bavarian cuisine. 

The other option comes in the form of the 'Oktoberfest Alternative', which is being held in the Arsenal courtyard by Antoni Cieszyńskiego street. The organisers of Oktoberfest Alternative state they want to bring back the spirit of the beer festivals held in the city in the early 20th century. 

The Oktoberfest Alternative features beers from over a dozen different breweries as well as grub from popular food trucks like Bratwursty and Panczo. 

The festival site is open on Friday between 4-10pm and on Saturday between 12 noon – 10pm as well as on Sunday between 12 noon and 6pm.


If you like beer but aren't into the Oktoberfest vibe, don't forget you can always pay a visit to our favourite craft beer hangout Marynka Piwo i Apertivo

Gregor Gowans

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