Candles Lit In Memory Of Bullied Teenager Who Committed Suicide

Yesterday a small group of people lit candles in front of Wrocław City Hall in memory of Kacper, the 14-year-old from Gorczyn who recently committed suicide after being routinely bullied by his peers due to his perceived sexuality.

Those present also wished to send a message to Wrocław President Rafał Dutkiewicz, who has snubbed his invitation to join next month's equality march.

According to Notes From Poland, which cites reports from Gazeta Wyborcza and Nova TV, Kacper faced harassment and threats at his previous school, a problem that was ignored by the school's staff in the opinion of the boy's mother. The school's director stressed that she was never informed of any issues, but did admit that Kacper had asked to be transferred to another class. He then moved to a new school after the summer, only to come across similar harassment by his peers.

Anna Kubiak of LGBTQ rights campaign group 'Culture of Equality' had the following to say about the tragedy when interviewed yesterday:

As regards the violence Kacper experienced, the teachers knew and so did the management [of the school]. The dramatic situation in which the boy found himself was not merely caused by the persecution of peers – it was also the result of him being neglected by adults. Kacper was not only persecuted, but was above all left alone. Homophobia and indifference have killed him. Teachers and directors, who had the legal and moral duty to ensure their students' safety, did not do enough to stop this tragedy.

Anna Kubiak, Culture of Equality

Not everyone in Poland agrees with the above opinion however, not least PiS' Krystyna Pawłowicz. Via her Facebook page the outspoken backbench MP blamed the tragedy on "Liberal-leftist environments" who she believes "publicise various non-standard behaviors, unnatural attitudes and relationships to vulnerable children and adolescants." She then went on to say "If you do not sow this pathology, there will not be a deadly harvest."

Gregor Gowans

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