Equality March Route Changed Due To Nationalist Protests

The organisers of the 2017 Wrocław Equality March have been forced into changing their plans after nationalist group Polish Youth registered 18 different demonstrations at various points on the Equality March's planned route.

It is of course unlikely that all 18 of the demonstrations will actually be rubber stamped and end up taking place on October 7th, however at least one of them will – forcing the pro LGBTQ rights march to change route for safety reasons.

Extreme right-wing group Polish Youth is well known for its stance on homosexuality. Last year in the aftermath of the horrific shooting at a gay-friendly club in Orlando, the nationalist group posted on Facebook "homosexuals will be punished with death" alongside a tv news screenshot of the scene outside the club.

Although the forced change of plans may frustrate participants of the Equality March, they are accustomed to dealing with such situations. Sometimes the route of their march has had to be changed while it is in progress in order to avoid confrontation with large groups of angry counter protesters.

Meanwhile the organisers of the 2017 Equality March, Kultura Równości, are still waiting to see if Wrocław President Rafał Dutkiewicz will participate in the event. Michal Jaros, Nowoczesna's candidate for the next President of Wrocław, has confirmed his participation, while PO candidate Alicja Chybicka has said she will attend "if invited".

The news of the Equality March's troubles comes just days after the tragic suicide of a boy named Kacper, a 14-year-old from Gorczyn who is thought to have taken his life as a result of bullies routinely picking him due to his perceived sexuality.

According to Notes From Poland, which cites reports from Gazeta Wyborcza and Nova TV, Kacper faced harassment and threats at his previous school, a problem that was ignored by the school's staff in the opinion of the boy's mother. The school's director has stressed that she was never informed of any issues, but has admitted that Kacper had asked to be transferred to another class. He then moved to a new school after the summer, only to come across the similar harrassment by his peers.

Gregor Gowans

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