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John Lemon Forced Into Name Change By Yoko Ono

Katowice based soft drinks company John Lemon have been forced into changing their brand name after being sued by Yoko Ono.

John Lemon have enjoyed significant growth in recent years, benefiting from the demand from hip millenials keen to tie themselves to other brands than Coca-Cola and Pepsi. They are currently competing in the hipster soft-drinks market with Dobry Material, which is based here in Wrocław. 

The John Lemon brand will nonetheless soon have to dissapear from cafes, bars and shops.

The is due to legal action taken by Yoko Ono. The widow of music legend John Lennon took John Lemon to court due to her belief that John Lemon's brand name infringed the copyright of her husband's trademark.

John Lemon registered their EU trademark in 2014, two years before Yoko Ono did the same for the John Lennon trademark. However top brass lawyer Joris Van Manen, who reportedly costs 600 euros per hour, helped win the case for Yoko Ono in the Hague.

As a result of the verdict, John Lemon branded products must dissappear from the market by November. 

The soft drinks company will nonetheless continue. It is reported that the name of the brand will simply change to 'On Lemon'. 

Gregor Gowans

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