Death Of Igor: 4 Police Officers Charged


In the latest development regarding the death of 25-year-old Igor Stachowiak, who died in a Wrocław police station not long after being tasered, four police officers have been charged.

According to Gazeta Wrocławska, the four officers have been charged with abuse of power as well as the physical and mental abuse of Igor.

However they have not been charged with murder, as experts investigating the case believe the taser attack did not in any way cause Igor's death. Instead, it is said that he died of "circulatory-respiratory failure after taking psychoactive drugs".

For those not familiar with the case, last May Igor was taken into police custody after being arrested on the Rynek in the early hours of the morning. It was claimed at the time that Igor was a fraud suspect the police were trying to track down.

Following the news of Igor's death, for several days violent protests broke out in front of the police station were Igor died. One police officer was also suspended, although he returned to duty three months later.

The case next returned to the attention of the public in May of this year, when TVN broadcast leaked taser-cam footage of a police officer brutally firing a stun gun at Igor. Not long after the footage was broadcast, the Interior Ministry ordered the policeman in question be dismissed immediately.

The investigation into Igor's death is being handled by the District Prosecutor's Office in Poznan, who have been handed the task due to their impartiality to the case. Poland's Ministry of Internal Affairs have also stepped in to investigate the case. 

Firing a taser at someone already in handcuffs is illegal, while Igor's interrogation in the toilet was also against official protocol. 

According to reports, all of the policemen have denied the charges. One of the officers is said to have provided a long and detailed explanation of his version of events, while the others apparently used their right to remain silent. 

Although the police officers have been charged, the evidence gathered by District Prosecutor's Office in Poznan did reportedly find that the decision to arrest Igor was not improper. It is said that Igor was in fact the fraud suspect that the police had been looking for. According to, Igor was also carrying a phone that he didn't own, as well as a weapon in the form of a telescopic baton. He also had traces of booster drugs on his jacket.

Gregor Gowans

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