Wrocław’s 30 Creatives Of 2017 Named


Yesterday afternoon Wrocław City Council awarded 30 creatives as part of their annual "Creative Wrocław" program. Wrocław Uncut's editor was among those on the list. 

The program, which is now into its third year, aims to showcase the creative talent that the city of Wrocław has at its disposal.

In previous years people such as singer-songwriter and playright Bente KahanMichal Sadowski (whose company brand24 has enjoyed phenomenal success) as well as Mateusz Staroń and Wojciech Setny (founders of the Surge Polonio fashion company) have been included on the list. 

Numerous people from outwith Poland have also featured in the list. This includes designer Parry Sondhi, and Amanda Anthony, who founded Malu Mika

Noticeable names in the list this year are the Pasibus team, whose business has grown incredibly in the past two years, and the founder of Browar Stu Mostów, the highly regarded brewery that earned the accolade of producing the world's best beer of 2016.

The two foreigners who made the list this year were Wroclaw Uncut founder Gregor Gowans and Natálie Raclavská, who runs Květ Evropa – the Czech language guide to Wrocław. 

The full list of 30 creatives is as follows: 


01. Janusz Piechota  – molecular biologist whose company is breaking new grounds in the field of DNA sequence information

02. Piotr Krajewski – founder of the Cancer Center, which aims to improve the diagnosis of cancer

03. Patryk Arłamowski – inventor whose startup won the prestigous startup battle at Congress 590 in Rzeszow 

04. Arletta i Grzegorz Ziemian – founders of the highly regarded 100 Bridges Brewery

05. SatRevolution – the team that have created Poland's first commerical satellites

06. Michał Bieniek – a highly respected business strategist and sales process manager who has worked in research laboratories in France, Poland, Germany and the Netherlands

07. Pasibus – the team behind the rapidly expanding Pasibus burger restaurant franchise 

08. Ewa Rogoż – founder of Wroclaw's 1st co-working space, Idea Place


Culture, art and design:

01. Dagmara Oliwa – architect and designer, as well as co-author of the award-winning futuristic Crab Houses project.

02. Karolina and Michał Bieniek – managers of the ART TRANSPARENT Contemporary Art Foundation

03. Magdalena Franczuk – founder and president of the KUNST.CAMER Foundation, which promotes Polish culture and art in Poland and abroad

04. Martyna Majewska – respected film and theatre director

05. Beata Władyka – designer and interior designer, founder of popular website Beata Wladyka Design 

06. Marcin Hamkało and colleagues – the people who helped make Wrocław's newly renovated Ossolineum come to life

07. Jerzy Łątka – designer of an award winning 'paper house' that was featured in the MIT Technology Review

08. Agnieszka Franków – Żelazny – leader of the choir of the National Music Forum

09. Piotr Maciejewski – industrial desginer who was won countless awards



01. Fundacja Made in Brochów – a foundation that has been praised for bringing a true sense of community to the Brochów district

02. Stowarzyszenie Zmieniaj Zakrzów – association that generated huge support for the realisation of a park in Zakrzów, as well as introducing numerous other neighbourhood improvements 

03. Marta Głombowicz – founder of Przestrzeń Otwarta, a venue where people can openly exchange items and skills 

04. Gregor Gowans – founder and editor of Wrocław Uncut

05. Natálie Raclavská – founder of the website Květ Evropa, today's most comprehensive Czech-Slovak guide to the capital of Lower Silesia

06. Aleksandra Lemańska i Anna Tubicz – duo who set up the Wrocław City Women's Foundation

07. Fundacja na Rzecz Studiów Europejskich – foundation which helps to build bridges between social science institutions in Wrocław and abroad



01. Projekt Dream – young engineers who developed the first Polish space driller

02. Kamila Kamińska – Doctor of Humanities and employee of the Institute of Pedagogy at the University of Wroclaw, Kamila is known for carrying out many projects related to the revitalization of the city

03. Flash Robotics – trio who invented robots that can be used to teach young children languages

04. Bogusław Szlachetko i Michał Lower – researchers from Wroclaw University of Technology working on a system for a pilotless aircraft

05. Dr Adam Domanasiewicz – doctor who broke new ground by successfully stitching on a finger passed on by a deceased donor

06. Bartłomiej Szyja – scientist working on a project to create an "artificial leaf" that would reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmopshere

Gregor Gowans

The founder and editor of Wroclaw Uncut, Gregor has been running the website since its inception in 2012. A Wroclawian for almost 10 years, Gregor writes on a wide variety of topics including, food & drink, nightlife, local news and politics. He is also a regular guest on Radio Ram's Sunday lunch programme.

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