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Z Ziemi Włoskiej: Wrocław’s 1st Piadineria


Wrocław has enjoyed having a number of quality pizzerias for some time now, but the city hadn't benefited from a place specialising in one of Italy's other humble culinary creations until as recently as last winter. 

Located across the street from Wrocław Aquapark, Z Ziemi Włoskiej is a small street-food venue that specifically focuses on Italian piadinas – flat-breads filled with various tasty fillings such as cheese, salami, rocket leaves and ham.

A piadina at Z Ziemi Włoskiej currently costs between 13-16zl and typically takes around 15-20 minutes to get to your table (or into your hands if you want to take it away).

The waiting time may appear a little long for a meal that's considered as 'fast food'. That said, it it is worth noting that Z Ziemi Włoskiej's flatbreads are made fresh in-house, which is the main reason for the wait.


What you do get is nonetheless worth the wait. The contrast of textures and tastes in my 'Milano' piadina, which included goat's cheese, mascarpone cheese, milano salami and rocket, proved to be very satisfying. If you are a little bored of pizza, there's no doubt this is an option for you. 

For those who don't fancy a piadina, Z Ziemi Włoskiej do also offer a few pasta dishes – on our visit we ordered some penne with sunflower seeds, spinach, tomatoes and olive oil. The pasta failed to stand out against the piadina however, and felt rather bland in comparison. 


For the next few weeks at least you can take advantage of the fact it's possible to munch on your Piadini outdoors without too much discomfort. This is quite handy given that Z Ziemi Włoskiej's interior is on the small side. That said, they do have a few tables to dine on so heading to Z Ziemi Włoskiej in winter is definitely still a possibility.


All in all, it's easy to say that Z Ziemi Włoskiej is a welcome addition to Wrocław's culinary landscape. There are plenty of pizzerias left, right and centre and the arrival of a decent piadineria is definitely a refreshing change. The prices are reasonable and the produce is authentic, so why not give the place a go? 

Z ziemi włoskiej, Borowska 103

Phone: 533 723 381 Website

Gregor Gowans

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