Ukrainians To Celebrate Independence Day On Wyspa Słodowa


Today (August 24th) is Ukraine's Independence Day, and many of Wrocław's Ukrainians will no doubt be marking the occasion.

The celebrations are not limited to today however, as next Saturday (September 2nd) on Wyspa Słodowa a special series of Ukrainian cultural events will take place.

The cultural programme, which has been prepared by the Ukrainian Foundation and the Ukrainian Shades Project, is aimed at facilitating more integration between Poles and the city's Ukrainian population.

The event is open to everyone, especially families. 

Between 2pm and 5pm visitors strolling through Wyspa Słodowa will be able to learn about Ukrainian culture as well find out about some of the country's best spots for tourism.

Participants are also encouraged to mingle during the organised picnic and to join the group for a photo at 5pm. On top of that, children can take part in a variety of games. 

You can find out more about the event here

Gregor Gowans

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