WKS Players’ 2am Kebab Feast Sparks Debate

Three WKS Śląsk Wrocław players have been accused of a lack of professionalism after they were spotted munching on fast food at 2am after a night out.

In the early hours of Saturday morning Michał Mak, Arkadiusz Piech and Michał Chrapek were photographed eating kebabs on the Rynek not long after Śląsk Wrocław had defeated Lechia Gdansk 3-2 at Stadion Wrocław.

Once the photo went viral on Twitter, a fierce debate ensued as to whether the players' choice of meal lacked proffesionalism.

Many came to the defence of the players, either claiming that a kebab "is not fast food like McDonald's or KFC", or stating that the players "can eat what they want as long as they win".

However others saw the 2am kebab feast as an example of how players in the T-Mobile-Ekstraklasa do not take care of their bodies in the manner a professional athlete should. The photo also prompted some Twitter users to claim that bad diets and unhealthy lifestyles could be one of the reasons for the poor form of Polish club sides in Europe.

In response to the social-media debate over 'kebab-gate', popular sports website sport.pl even consulted a sports physiologist and personal trainer to get some professional opinion on the matter. When asked if 'kebabgate' had been blown way out of proportion, Dr Krzysztof Mizera said the following:

Let's start by saying that eating at night is not the best idea, because our body is not adapted to it and it distorts that metabolism. It [the kebab meal] takes place just a few hours after the match, which is a period of so-called "nutrition after training". Heavy meals should be appropriately balanced to speed up body regeneration. In this case, a Kebab does not help.

Dr Krzysztof Mizera was then asked if kebabs were off limits for athletes at all times, to which he replied:

Not exactly, we are talking about eating junk food just after workout [as being a problem]. I take care of a few football players and I know that everything can be planned. Such things are best done about two days after the match and three days before the next. We are talking about the so-called. "Cheat meal". We are planning a diet that includes a not-so-healthy meal, but the diet is still balanced because we have to compensate for it in return.

Following the storm over 'kebabgate', Mak played the whole 90 minutes of Śląsk's 1-1 draw with Piast Gliwice, while Chrapek was substituted just before the end of the game. Piech was an unused substitute.

Gregor Gowans

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