5 Wrocław Cafes For Working With Your Laptop

Looking for a cafe in Wrocław with wifi where you can get your work done? If so, I thought I’d introduce you to 5 places I regularly turn to for this very purpose. 

As a writer, my 1st priority when cafe hunting is to find a place where I can happily get some work done. The ideal place for me typically has two things:

The first crucial ingredient is a relaxing atmosphere – somewhere chilled-out where I can prop up my laptop, settle in and work on my projects for a couple of hours. One of the good things about the cafes here in Wrocław is that in most cases you can easily sit on a drink for a long time without any staff nagging at you. This is certainly of great comfort to writers and freelancers. 

The second thing I require is naturally a good cup of coffee. Fortunately Wroclaw has an extensive amount of cafes where they really know how to brew a good, strong cup of black Joe.

However, this article is not intended as a list of the best places in town for drinking coffee alone. My focus is rather on places that have the benefits freelancers are looking for, whether that be comfortable chairs, a laid-back atmosphere or an interior design that makes you feel at home.

So without any further delay, here’s my 5: 

CIZ café – Jewish Information Centre


CIZ, located next to the White Stork Synagogue, is a cafe as a well as a Jewish information centre.

For starters, CIZ offer a very decent cup of coffee. The interior design is another plus – the cafe looks like a fusion of a berlin hipster bar and a comfortable living room, which creates a nice vibe that you can easily soak in while writing for a few hours. CIZ also feels fresh and stylish thanks to its genorous use of green elements, while there are nice and comfy chairs & couches too.

Another added value to this place is its location on Włodkowica street, which is one of the city’s hipper streets. So after you’re done working, you have some good restaurants within reach, plus a great wine bar and cafe in the shape of Cocofli. The legendary Mleczarnia, also nearby, is a good spot for a beer too.

Cocofoli – books and café wine bar

Cocofli is an amazing place, everything about it tickles my creative senses.

A defining feature here is the large bookcase fixed along the wall (hence the cafe’s name), which helps the interior ooze a truly artsy vibe. This atmopshere also makes Cocofli one of the better affordable wine bars in town.

Try the terrace in the summer – it’s great with a red wine in your hand and ideal for watching the stream of Wroclawski hipsters pass you by on the street.

On top of that, Cocofli offer some attractive finger food. The selection is mostly made up of a mix of healthy snacks as well as some chocolate, both of which compliment the delicious wine selection.

FC Caffe

fccafe fccafe2 fccafe3

FC Caffe is a stand out student coffee bar. I find it to be lively and colourfully decorated with its high tables lining the floor and its open windows below the ceiling.

The selection of coffee is a bit more experimental here as they have plenty of options packed with syrupy flavours. This includes a variety of different lattes, such as a caramel and mint-chocolate. My favourite is the peanut ice latte, or if I’m feeling adventures, a coconut latte. Be careful though – these coffees do taste very sugary, so you may fancy try a smaller serving if you fear the larger one will prove to be a sugar-bomb.

If you happen to be a student, FC Caffe also offer a discount, which will save you a few zloty’s.

The thing I like the most about FC Caffee is the music. They playing a mix of old style hip hop/rap intermixed with newer rap artists such as Kendrick Lamar, and the occasional American dance music, which is something you won’t hear a lot throughout this city. So it’s easy to recognise they have put some effort into creating a joyful, upbeat personal music set.  

Those pluses aside, it’s not always the best place to write as there can be one to many distractions. The student crowd regularly pop in and out, while the noise coming from their coffee machines is also pretty audible. On the plus side though, they do have comfy chairs and very pleasant staff.

Etno Café OVO

There are several Etno cafes in town, but this is my favourite one due to its interior design and its location inside one of the newer architectural jewels in town.

The cafe feels like a great clash between a natural style and a more luxurious Scandinavian living room design. In a rather creative and wise manner, Etno have divided the cafe into a few corners via a long table that is flanked by a bookcase full of classic literature. When I am writing I tend to sit at the high table; it’s a cozy spot and you can take advantage of the power sockets too. 

If you need re-fuelling, Etno-Cafe do some decent salads and sandwiches. However the coffee is the star of the show – it ranks as one of best in town in my book.

Vinyl Café

The great thing about Vinyl Cafe is that you can play whatever music that suits your mood on their vinyl player.

The coffee here is perfectly fine, while the interior is very much Berlin inspired. I know that’s a bit of cliché, but there are reasons why I say that. Vinyl Cafe’s old looking furniture and wall accessories helps it promote an independent and unpretentious style, while the decor here shows no desperate need to be new, sexy, or hip. It’s rather relaxed and cozy, which to me feels like a typical Berlin hang-out concept. 

If you are a caffeine addict then you simply have to try Vinyl Cafe’s HUGE coffee cup option – it’s the equivalent of three normal cups of coffee (personally, I have never seen anything as huge as this). Their cakes and sandwiches are well worth trying too.

Vinyl Cafe only ranks last on this list as the tables are a bit too cramped for my liking. That said, all in all the cafe is a very cozy place – easily one of my favorite places on a dreary rainy day as it feels like a hip, secret cavern.

Let me know what your favorite places to work from are in Wroclaw. Please share your tips, and I would love to visit them.

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