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New Places To Check Out In Wrocław This August


The summer is flying by at a ferocious pace as we hit August, and the same can be said about the rate at which new restaurants are opening in Wrocław.

Here's a summary of just a few places that have opened in the last month or so:

Gluten Appetit

In the face of more shops and restaurants offering gluten free options or even going gluten free entirely, Gluten Appetit have the done the exact opposite. 

That means every single dish on the menu contains gluten to at least some degree; going by their Facebook page they offer dumplings galore as well as various soups. 

Although those who are gluten intolerant wont be impressed by the concept here, anyone wishing to stick two fingers up the gluten free trend may fancy checking this place out. 

Yono Sushi

Sushi remains popular in Wroclaw years after it became all the rage, and in Yono Sushi we have yet another great looking neighbourhood sushi bar on our hands. 

That said, given its location in an affluent area of Krzyki, Yono Sushi is understandably a bit pricey. 

Baku Lounge

The latest place to face up to the touristy Italian restaurants on Więzienna street is Baku Lounge, which offers Azerbaijani and Turkish cuisine. 

The pics look nice enough on Facebook, but will this place manage to be around for for some time to come? A long line of restaurants in the same location have failed to come to much in the last few years. 


Nabe is next project from the team who run Sushi Corner in the west of Wrocław. 

This place does sushi too, although the menu expands further to include other tasty Asian options such as tempura fried vegetables and fish, as well as grilled meats. 


Much like the location of Baku Lounge on Więzienna street, the home of Zorbas on Ofiar Oświęcimskich has changed hands quite a bit of late.

Will Zorbas succeed where the others have failed? If they can provide some authentic greek street food for an affordable price it could prove a hit. However, if they get it wrong it could end up being another monontonous Greco chain type place.

If you've been to Zorbas already then please let us know your thoughts. 


Wrocław's Ukranian offering has been enriched further by the arrival of Lviv on Legnicka street. 

The showstopper here seems to be the pancakes with caviar, although you can also enjoy some other classics such as barszcz and Ukranian dumplings.

There's also plenty of Ukranian beer and vodka to sink down with your meal too.   

Other places worth a mention

  • French style bakery Vincent have now set up shop on the other side of the market square on Ruska street, presumably to try and steal some of the thunder back from Chleboteka across the road. 
  • The slow but inevitable gentrification of Bogusławskiego street has moved up a gear with the addition of Bistro Kuluary, a venue noticeably brighter and cleaner than the bars around it
  • If you can't get enough of Ukranian food, you can also try some Ukranian cuisine in Kawiarnia Pikabu on Wałbrzyska street

Gregor Gowans

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