Cuban Dancer Spat On In Racist Attack


According to Gazeta Wyborcza, a Cuban dancer was spat on and verbally abused by four Lechia Gdansk fans in Wrocław on Friday evening. 

Jacqueline Laza Carrera, who came to the country after being invited by a Wroclaw dance school, reportedly fell victim to the racist attack while on her way home after dancing at Casa de la Musica on the Rynek. 

It is said that Jacqueline was spat on and shouted at by one or two men among a quartet of Lechia fans in the underpass leading to Galeria Dominikanska.

Jacqueline's Polish is very limited, so she was unable to fully understand what was being shouted in her direction. That said, given that Jacqueline was listening to music and minding her business as she walked home, she didn't appear to be jumping to conclusions when she feared racism was the primary motive.

After hearing the Cuban dancer screaming for help, police officers reportedly moved in on the scene to prevent things escalating further. Jacqueline then went to the police station to give her account of what happened. A passer-by who saw the attack is also said to have promised to stand as a witness if required.

According to Gazeta Wyborcza, the men accused of the racist attack "will soon be questioned". 

Jacqueline was one of the attractions at Casa de la Musica's New Year's Eve party

Unfortunately the attack on Friday evening does not appear to be the first time Jacqueline was subjected to racism in Wrocław.

Izabela Torres, who works at the same dance school as Jacqueline, yesterday told of how the talented performer was once racially abused on a bus by two drunk men and even spat on by an old woman in a supermarket.

Jacqueline is nonetheless adamant that the she won't let those incidents sour her image of Poland. In response to the messages of support she has recieved since the attack, Jacqueline is quoted as saying the following:

"I want you to know that I do not think negatively about the Poles and Poland at all, even though it is not the first time [she suffered from racism in the country]. Such situations give me strength and every time I go out on the street I feel more proud than before. These pitiful people, although in the minority, are hurting their country with such behavior. Long live Poland and Cuba!"

Gregor Gowans

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