5 O’Clark Episode 11- Youri Gregoire

Wroclaw's 1st English language TV show is now available on-demand via YouTube. To ensure you don't miss out, we're embedding each episode on our website as they come online.

In episode 11 host Terry Clark-Ward travels to the old Fama cinema to meet juggler, actor and acrobat Youri Gregoire.

In the opening part of the show Terry asks Gregoire about what took him to Wrocław and what got him started as a performer.

Next up the duo take a stroll around Pergola, where Gregoire has fund memories of performing.

Last but not least, in the challenge part of the show Gregoire is handed the task of pulling off some impresive juggling manouveres while competely blindfolded.

About Gregor Gowans

Gregor Gowans

The founder and editor of Wroclaw Uncut, Gregor has been running the website since its inception in 2012. A Wroclawian for almost 10 years, Gregor writes on a wide variety of topics including, food & drink, nightlife, local news and politics. He is also a regular guest on Radio Ram’s Sunday lunch programme.

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