Wrocław Opens The 2017 World Games

Wrocław opened the 2017 World Games last night during a colourful opening ceremony at Stadion Wrocław. 

Some 3,500 athletes of 31 different sports have descended on the city to take part in the second biggest sporting event ever to come to Wroclaw (in terms of tv audiences at least). 

As many of our readers will be familiar with by now, the World Games is an 11-day sporting event that features sports that are not part of the Olympic Games. These include lesser known disciplines such as artistic rollerblading, orienteering, indoor rowing, floorball, fistball and finswimming as well as more familiar sports like speedway, American football, kickboxing and squash.

Last night's opening ceremony, which embraced a dwarf theme, featured performances by the likes of Natalia Sikora, Kamil Bednarek and Dawid Kwiatkowski.

While not everyone was wowed by the opening ceremony, it has generally been received in a positive manner. Gazeta Wrocławska described it as a show with "no glamour, spectacular scenery or megastars, but one that we can certainly be content with and be happy with what we have shown the world."

Despite Stadion Wrocław being packed out for the opening ceremony, the current political turmoil inevitably cast a shadow over proceedings in the stadium. During his speech, Wrocław President Rafał Dutkiewicz cried out "Let freedom live! Long live the democracy!", words which must surely refer to the situation with the supreme court.

Today the focus very much shifts to the sporting action however, with 9 different sporting competitions taking place today.

For those looking to see some of the action, tickets can be bought online here. You can also watch online on the Olympic Channel completely free of charge, or alternatively, head to the World Games fanzone on pl.Wolnosci. 

Gregor Gowans

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