Win 2 Monthly Passes For Holmes Place OVO Wrocław!

Fancy winning a pair of monthly passes to the new Holmes Place OVO Wrocław fitness centre? 

If so, take part in today's competition and you may just get lucky!

For all the details on how to enter the competiton, check out the bottom of the press release below (the content is provided by Holmes Place OVO Wrocław):

 The self-propelled treadmill, practice with a surfboard at the swimming pool, or perhaps hatha yoga at the green patio under the tutelage of a professional instructor? Which novelty of the world of fitness would you feel like trying with somebody close to you? Take part in Get Fit Summer Challenge and win two monthly membership cards from Holmes Place OVO Wrocław.

Holmes Place OVO Wrocław is a prestigious fitness club in the centre of Wrocław. Located on level -1 of the OVO Wrocław complex, it’s the only of the chain’s clubs in Lower Silesia and the first to offer the ultra-premium standard in Poland.

– We offer the highest standard of fitness classes and professional counsel about dieting and biological regeneration. What makes us different is the unique combination of proper training and attention to good physical and mental state. Thanks to that, members of our chain reach the goals they dream of – says Lidia Zamyłko, regional marketing manager with Holmes Place.

Every day, club members have at their disposal the highest quality equipment, a very well-equipped functional zone, swimming pool, and a varied training schedule, including utter training hits. Which of them deserve your particular attention?

Training on the board is all the rage

One of the hottest novelties available exclusively at Holmes Place OVO Wrocław is FloatFit, which has taken the world’s prestigious fitness clubs by storm. The training requires a special board floating on the water.

– FloatFit is a combination of interval training (a series of low- to high-intensity workouts) with muscle-building workout and exercises improving general coordination. As a result, you can focus on different parts of the body for 30 minutes and so improve your general stamina – says Lidia Zamyłko.

During the workout, the instructor adjusts the level of difficulty to the participants’ abilities. There are many variants of the exercises, thanks to which the training can be done by everybody.

At the right pace

Skillmill is the utter winner among the training equipment available at the fitness clubs. Propelled by the force of human muscles, this treadmill is perfect for training sprint, and develop strength and endurance. The pace can be altered with a single motion – if you move forward, the treadmill speeds up, and it slows down as you move back. The device lets you select appropriate load, e.g. from fast run to maximum resistance.

– Skillmill is safe and comfortable to use. Its ergonomic design lets you properly position your joints and spine while minimising the risk of joint overload – explains Lidia Zamyłko.

Training? Certainly, and it’s natural!

It tones your figure and improves your balance and motion ranges while facilitating spiritual development. These are just a few reasons why fitness club regulars have fallen in love with hatha yoga. A summer series of the training is organised at the OVO Wrocław patio. Every Saturday, at 11.30 am, the certified instructor Rosela Ciko runs the free of charge training.

An hour before it (10.30 am), also at the patio of OVO Wrocław, the free training begins as part the Running Club’s activity. The route includes the centre of Wrocław, including the Słodowa Island or Ostrów Tumski (Cathedral Island). The run is closed with stretching exercises.

The free of charge training is available to everybody, whatever their experience or age.  

What about you? Which training would you use and who would you take with you? Take part in our Get Fit Summer Challenge!

Post a comment with your answer (below or on the Wroclaw Uncut Facebook page) by July 23rd for the chance to win an invitation to a month’s training at Holmes Place OVO Wrocław for you and somebody close to you. The most inspiring answer wins. 

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