Wrocław Council Bail Out Sląsk Again After Sale Deal Collapses

On Friday Wrocław City Council agreed to give Śląsk Wrocław a further 10m zł in funding following the shock collapse of the deal to sell the football club to vodka tycoon Grzegorz Ślak.

Earlier last week the sale of the club to Ślak was actually considered a 'done deal' and it was widely reported as such in the local press.

However on the day the club was supposed to change hands, Ślak did not submit the paperwork before the deadline or execute the agreed transfer of funds. This sparked an emergency meeting at Wrocław City Council, where councilors voted in favour of giving 10m zł more of tax-payer money to the city's cash-strapped football club.

The situation has caused huge embarrasment for Wrocław President Rafał Dutkiewicz, who was among those to declare the deal as being a sure thing last week. However, he is still adamant that a deal was signed between the two parties, and the city are now looking to sue Grzegorz Ślak for compensation. According to Dutkiewicz, Mr Ślak signed a legally binding "unconditional agreement" that included penalties of several million zł when certain conditions are not met. 

Grzegorz Ślak sees things differently however. He claims he wanted to buy the club until problems appeared between the Stadion Wrocław company and Śląsk Wrocław. He also says that he didn't have adequate time to survey the papers sent to him by the city as he only recieved them 90 minutes before the deadline. In addition, he refutes Dutkiewicz's claim that he signed an agreement to buy the club. 

Gregor Gowans

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