Pro & Anti Immigration Protests Held On The Rynek

On Saturday the Rynek was the scene of two demonstrations offering opposing views on whether to allow refugees from the Middle East to settle in Wrocław.

As reported last week, nationalist group Młodzież Wszechpolska took aim at the decision of Rafał Dutkiewicz and other city presidents to show support for accomodating refugees.

In their own words, the protest was necessary as "uncontrolled immigration is not just a temporary humanitarian or political crisis but a fully planned action aimed at changing the structure of the ethnic, cultural and religious character of our continent amongst other things."

At the Młodzież Wszechpolska demonstration, which was attended by a dozen or so people according to Gazeta Wrocławska, the protesters held up a banner reading "Yesterday Nazism, today Islamisation – another German occupation."

At the same time, a counter protest organised by the Razem political party also took place. During their demonstration the protesters spoke out against xenophobia and prejudice and showed their support for the city presidents' stance towards refugees. Chants such as "Liberty! Equality! Tolerance!", could be heard, while banners reading "No human being is illegal" and "Wroclaw welcomes refugees." were also on display.

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