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Wrocław’s Event-Packed Midsummer Weekend

Summer is well and truly upon us and this weekend promises to be one of the most event packed of the season.

Here's just a sample of a few things going on in Wrocław between Friday and Sunday. 

Rum Love Festival

Love Rum? Well then this is obviously the event for you!

The Rum Love Festival, held at the congress centre at Hala Stulecia, is being billed as Poland's first major rum festival. 

A day ticket for the event costs 80zl, while a two day pass is also available for 120zl. More details are available on the festival's official website

Midsummer Night at Lesnica Castle

As has become tradition on the weekend closest to the longest day, Lesnica Castle are hosting an event featuring live music and various other cultural attractions. 

Tsigunz Fanfara Avantura and Shamanika occupy the headline slots, while earlier in the day people can take part in workshops on making wreaths and kites.

The full line-up can be found on our events page. 

Festival of High Temperatures

The annual Festival of High Temperatures takes place this weekend at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design (ul. Traugutta 19/21).

The festival brings together artists and creatives who work with high temperatures or fire, whether it be in the field of glassmaking, ceramics or metal sculpture. 

The full program of the festival is available to read in English here

Św. Antoniego Street Celebration

Last September Św. Antoniego underwent a minor revamp (illustrated via the preview image above).

After the renovation various, bars, cafes, restaurants and shops on the street got together to celebrate the occasion. Having enjoyed it so much the business owners on the street decided to turn the event into a tradition, and the next edition just happens to be this weekend.

All of the places in the list below will have some kind of special offer or event taking place on their premises. Among the highlights are a concert on Friday evening at Ahimsa and a disco at KRVN. 

– AleBrowar Wrocław
– EkoPestka
– Bike Cafe
– Szynkarnia – local food & multitap
– Pochlebna
– Ahimsa Restaurant & Club
– Frytki + SOS
– karavan
– Kino Nowe Horyzonty
– Urban Vegan
– Central Cafe
– Charlotte Wrocław
– Shopiq
– Fabryka Energii – Centrum Jogi Wrocław
– limango Polska
– Pizzeria Bube Antoniego
– Tu kręcimy lody naturalne KULKA
– Parish Gastropub
– Klubogaleria Szajba
– Espresso&Wine Bar na Św. Antoniego
– Ambasada Śledzia
– Salon Fryzjerski Finezja

Tumski Cup

The Tumski Cup sees rowers battle it out on the river Odra on chinese-style dragon boats. The rowing is also accompanied by numerous additional events – craft fairs, games and activities for children.

The organiser of the event is Tumski Hotel and you can find more info on the Tumski Cup via their website

Podwodny Wrocław 2017

Underwater Wrocław is a spontaneous and open festival that "draws on the experiences and ethos of the alternative circulation of culture".  Essentially, it considers itself as a champion of underground music and artists. 

This year the event returns to Browar Mieszczański, where a host of food trucks will provide grub and refreshment for the gig-goers on site. 

Entrance is completely free and the full line-up can be found here

I Love Włodkowica Street


Seemingly not wanting to be outdone by their neighbours on Św. Antoniego street, Włodkowica street have also decided to have a bash.

The list of venues below are all confirmed as taking part:

– PURO Hotels
– Klubokawiarnia Mleczarnia
– Cocofli – books art cafe wine bar
– Jasna Food & Drink
– Cyrulik Wrocławski – salon fryzjerski
– Ubieralnia – dom mody polskich projektantów
– AleBrowar
– osiem misek
– La Maddalena Restauracja
– Bułka z masłem Wrocław
– Gorące Piece
– Centrum Informacji Żydowskiej – CIŻ Cafe
– Sarah
– The Winners Pub
– Lizing
– Stara Piwnica

The main attraction during the festival is the string of concerts to be held at the White Stork Synagogue. On top of that, music fans can see more bands at the old monastery (ul. Włodkowica 15 – 17) and the beer garden of Stara Piwnica.

For the full line up, check out this link.



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