Wrocław Could Have As Many As 3 Bus Stations In November


Wrocław could end up with as many as 3 bus stations when the new central bus station opens in autumn, reports Gazeta Wrocławska

The reason for this increased number is purely down to the fact that the new central bus station in the Wrocłavia centre is smaller than the current temporary station and the old PKS Głowny.

The new central station, which is to open on November 7th, is located in the basement of the much talked about Wroclavia shopping centre.

In terms of facilities and comfort, the new bus station will be a massive step up from its predecessor, which had been showing its age long before it was eventually demolished. However in terms of the number of platforms available, the new complex only provides 11 platforms as opposed to the 18 the former bus station had.

When the total number of platforms was revealed back in 2015, it was reported that small bus firms running provincial routes may have to stop elsewhere due to the cost of using the new bus station. That appears to be ringing true now, although the lack of space in the new bus station is obviously another major factor.

Krzysztof Balawejder, the President of PKS Polbus, is quoted as saying there are enough platforms in the new bus station for all the carriers currently using the temporary bus station. However he has admitted that the bus companies who can't (or choose not to) use the new underground bus station will receive an offer to use the temporary station around about the time when the new facility opens. It is also thought that some of the local carriers currently using a spot on Dawida street would also be interested in moving to the 'temporary' bus station. 

Not all the bus companies stopping on Dawida street (which admittedly some would argue is more of a bus stop than a bus station) are expected to move though. Therefore when the shiny new underground central bus station opens in November, it is looking rather likely that the city will have 3 bus stations at different points (albeit rather close to each other) in operation.

Gregor Gowans

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