Councillors Vote In Favour Of Funding Śląsk Wrocław


Wrocław's councillors voted in favour of continuing to fund the city's football team during a hotly debated session on Tuesday.

Those who supported the decision said that regular financial support from the city budget is essential for the existence and development of Śląsk Wrocław, who this season came terrifyingly close to being relegated from Poland's top flight.

However some opposition councilors (mainly from PiS) claimed those supporting the motion have done so in "blind faith", as there were no specific figures quoted regarding the quantity or duration of the funding. Renata Granowska from PO also openly criticised the management of Śląsk Wrocław, who she blames for the club's decline in recent years. Independent councillor Katarzyna Obara-Kowalska criticised the decision too, stating that the money to stop the club from going to the wall should come from WKS' own fans.

During Tuesday's session councillors from the Nowoczesna reportedly suggested that any funding for Śląsk Wrocław should be provided on the basis that the club does its upmost to benefit the city. They noted that many Wrocławians worry about their safety at WKS matches and believe the atmosphere at the stadium is not conducive to a family day out.

Wrocław City Council currently own a majority stake in the Wrocław's football team as a result of their decision to save the Śląsk from ruin after millionaire media mogul Zygmunt Solorz-Żak left the club high and dry in October 2013.

It is believed the city made the move in order to come to the aid of Wrocław's 40,000 seater Municipal Stadium, which would affectively lie empty for most of the year without a top flight football club playing there.

Ever since the city took control of Śląsk Wrocław the plan has always been to find a buyer for their shares in the club. However almost 4 years on very little progress has been made on this front, during which time the team have regressed significantly on the pitch.

Wrocław City Council have stated that they are close to announcing new investors, which should in theory allow public money to be spent on matters other than football. Nevertheless, in order to woo potential suitors the city have promised to continue to fund the club even after it is sold on.

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