Fancy Dining 40m Above Pl.Solny? Now You Can!

The most eye-catching part of this weekend's Europe on a Fork Festival is arguably 'Dinner in the Sky', which allows diners to enjoy a meal while being suspended from a crane 40m above Pl. Solny.

The dinner in the sky concept was invented in Belgium in 2006. Since then, their dining platforms have been used in more than forty countries around the world, including Poland. 

The platforms, nine metres long and five metres wide, can accommodate a maximum of twenty-two visitors and five service staff. The crane can support a weight of up to 22 tonnes and can raise and lower the platform at a maximum speed of 1/2 a metre per second. The process of raising and lowering the platform is said to be very smooth, while the maximum height it can reach is 40m (weather permitting). 

As well as being able to take in the superb skyline views at their headheight, diners will also be able to see what is directly below them via two HD screens.

Those who fancy the experience will definitely have to 'fork out' though, as a dinner on the platform reportedly costs between 183-389zl.

Would you be willing to spash out on the dinner in the sky experience? Let us know your thoughts in the Facebook comments section:


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