5 O’Clark: Episode 6 – Sam Alty

Wroclaw's 1st English language TV show is now available on-demand via YouTube. To ensure you don't miss out, we're embedding each episode on our website as they come online.

In episode 6 host Terry Clark-Ward speaks to Sam Alty, a Wrocław based singer-songwriter from Auckland who has recently finished his debut record ‘Hammering Nails Into The Sky'.

Inside the Radio Wrocław building, Terry asks Sam about how he came to be in Wrocław, and how he finds life in the city. There's also time for some music of course, and Sam demonstrates some of the more unconventional instruments at his disposal before performing a track from his new album. 

Next up is a stroll through Park Połodniowy, where Sam and Terry attempt to generate some music with the help of some boomwackers. 

In the challenge section of the show, Sam is handed the task of reading out the weather live on air at Radio Ram.

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Gregor Gowans
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